Kyle Ballarta

A Professional & Candid Glance


"God took a piece of my lung to make more room for more heart."

This is one of those stories in life where we either approach trying times as obstacles or stepping stones, and through this trial I have learned to embrace all experiences life gives you, because you might be lead to a new and great direction. For me it was cycling.

Cycling was a default for rehabilitation for me – for a runner that was trying to recover from a month in the hospital, four procedures, and two major lung surgeries, running caused too much jarring on my tender and healing wounds. So in the end it would be cycling that would nurse me back to strength, offering me a low-impact cardio-vascular activity to bring me back to the athleticism I once had prior to my accident.  

It is amazing to think how blessed I am to be able to recover from an experience of complete uncertainty to a state of great confidence. I have recently joined Team Hotel San Jose and I have been competing in races of all kinds under their flag. I have been enjoying the rigorous training schedule and many miles that has pushed me to yet another great level of athleticism. Not bad for missing a piece of my lung.