Kyle Ballarta

A Professional & Candid Glance

The Global Arts Empowerment Leadership. I am very lucky to have people involved with GAE that turn work into a lot of fun.

At the Cypress Club with Mr. Hamdard, Director, Department of Law and Government Affairs, Afghanistan (Wearing a Davey Crockett hat) and General El Ayoubi, Commander of the Gendarmie, Lebanon.

Where I worked before business school, the Lance Armstrong Foundation, trying to make a difference. With my mentee Daniel. Daniel is from Ghana and loves going to art museums and writing stories.

Sheryl Crow and I matching outfits at an event in Austin. With a fine piece of machinery by Lake Travis.

Having a conversation with Texas Governor Rick Perry. The Family with President Bush in the Oval Office.

Some of the LifeProof management team. Kyle Ballarta (Marketing), Gary Rayner (CEO), and Michele Skelding (Business Development). The Texas police Association Advisory Committee.


From relearning how to walk again to cycling over 250 miles a week. Cycling was one of those things that I accidentally fell in love with.

My time in the hospital was not the most fun, but I would have never changed any of it. I learned so much being there and I now fully appreciate the beauty of something as simple as a single breath of air.

With Dr. Baptiste, one of the only few people I trust with cutting into my side while I am awake. With my nephew, always brightened my day.

My nephew helping me study for the business school tests. My nephew and I enjoying the beautiful weather in Austin.

My nephew after his first 5K race. He is one of my best friends.

My Parents. The family on the West Point parade field.

My brother and Brit framed by a beautiful deciduous fall foliage. Ballarta Boys.

Playing golf at Willie Nelson's course with my friends Stephen, David, and Zoltan. Riding with Rocket by Lake Travis.

Riding Star in Bodega Bay. Vaulting with Tanita.

Enjoying a Michelin-Star dinner at Cavallo Point with Allie Papazian, and Tam and Zoltan Papp. In front of Lombard St., San Francisco with Allie - The most talented ballerina I know. Currently dances with the prestigious Compania Nacional de Danza, Spain.

My brothers that are serving in Afghanistan. With Mr. and Mrs. Angel. When I was in the emergency room they came to my rescue. They truly were my angels.


I was very fortunate to be able to come back to the horn after my lung surgeries. Music has taught me a creative approach that I am able to carry to every endeavor I take on. Music was also a great excuse to travel all over the world.

Music and work was always a great excuse to travel. On tour I got to visit Charles Bridge and Csesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic.

Being a lover of history, art, and music, Vienna was one of the greatest places to be immersed and surrounded with all of them. Enjoying a gelato in Brno Square.